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  • COVID-19 Update
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COVID-19 Coronavirus Update
for Members and Patrons

As you all know the COVID-19 emergency has been escalating in recent days. The Executive Board made the decision to close the Gallery through April on March 23rd… a little more than a week ago. That seems like a long time with the daily inundation of news but that now aligns with the Stay at Home orders issued by both Harris and Montgomery Counties yesterday. 

We have been working to keep you engaged with a call for art to mount a virtual show on the website and a virtual banner contest on our Facebook Group page. It’s a great way to stay connected and members have been sharing pictures of their studios and the art they have been creating. Take a look at the website, the CAL Facebook page, and the CAL Facebook Group page. It’s inspiring to see all the art and activity going on.

We will be moving ahead with a vote on the new Board members with an email survey to be sent out on Saturday, April 11 and will announce the results on Saturday, April 18 at our first virtual General Meeting. 

Stay Healthy, stay creative and watch your emails for details.

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